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IAC was proud to be a part of the Tony Hawk event that took place at Dundas square in the summer of 2016. We were responsible for all the banner graphics that surrounded the half pipe. The graphics truly allowed Tony Hawk and his team to make a statement with their touring event. Overall the project was a huge success and all parties involved were very happy with the whole process.

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The Tony Hawk team did not want to produce graphics in the United States and incur the costs to ship them across the country. They needed a printer in Canada with the wide format capabilities they required to create large scale banners. The biggest concern for our team was the turnaround time that was requested. We had around a week to produce two twenty foot banners and an assortment of smaller graphics. 

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Our veteran team wanted to ensure that Tony Hawk and his team received the best product that IAC could produce. Our sales representative sat down with all the managers of our production departments and they discussed the best course of action for this project. The team decided on the materials to be used, the machine profile that best suits the job and the timeline for our production team.

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Eventually our team came up with the solution to use standard banner vinyl and attach grommets every twenty-four inches on the large banners. For the smaller banners, we decided to mount grommets every eighteen inches. Our production and pre-press manager then ensured that the quality of the print was up to our standards. All the colours truly popped off the canvas and the blacks were rich and elegant. This was done by using a specific profile on our printer that has been set to automatically adjust the settings to achieve a truly fantastic result.

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