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This project was done for one of our partners, The Taylor Group. They were in charge of ensuring that this whole event truly made a statement. We helped to bring their vision to life by providing them with high quality large format prints that not only enhanced the overall look of the show but were a pivotal part of the way-finding solutions.


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As you are able to see, this was a large-scale project. The Taylor group came to us with a firm deadline and level of quality that we needed to meet. There were multiple factors to consider when deciding how to best accommodate this request. Our team needed to put a plan together to ensure a timely delivery while maintaining our level of quality that has come to be expected by our clients. 

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Our production team sat down and came up with a plan to make the overall process as painless as possible. The strategy was to run the project on our night shift when we are not dealing with any rush jobs or dealing with any issues on the day. For this job, we decided that is was necessary to add an extra inspection step to our production process. This is not something we normally do, however, with no time for reprints we felt it had to be part of the process.

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Our production team was able to successfully run this job without a hitch during our night shift. The production manager and customer service manager than inspected each roll of fabric to ensure perfect quality. With these added steps, we were able to produce the job on time and in the most efficient manner. It did not affect the rest of our orders and everyone was extremely ecstatic about how the job progressed.

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