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Looking to make a statement while maintaining a strict budget? IAC has multiple turnkey options to help you stand out from the crowd. As a company, we are continuously looking to innovate and offer our clients the latest and greatest products. Whether you are looking for a custom branded tent or a retractable banner stand we can facilitate all of your needs. We live by the motto that “we are only limited by your imagination” and we want our clients to look to us for the best solution possible for all their visual communication needs.

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Here at IAC, we are constantly performing research and development on our product offerings. One of the main things that we test for is strength. We want to ensure that our products can withstand the constant abuse that they may take during a traveling event. IAC looks to always offer quality products and we source suppliers that have the same mentality. We stand behind all of products.

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We understand that having a pain free setup process is very important in deciding which product to purchase. Here at IAC we look to ensure that every product we offer is easy to construct and as stress free as possible. We are constantly researching new variations of hardware to ensure that we stay true to these values. Ensuring that our customer is happy with their end product is at the heart of everything we do at IAC.

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First impressions are everything in the selling process. Here at IAC we understand this better than anyone and we truly want to help our clients make a statement. We look to ensure that all of the products that leave our facility are up to the high standards that we have set here at IAC. We have put processes and materials in place to that will allow all of our products to remain in perfect working condition all while maintaining the same look as the first day it was delivered to our clients.

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