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IAC was only responsible for the prints that you see in this booth. Our partner Exhibit Solutions did a great job of designing a custom booth for their client. We used a combination of specific materials and finishing to really help give their design the boost it was looking for. Not only is their booth elegant and eye catching but it is extremely functional, showcasing their client’s specific products in an effective manner.


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Exhibit Solutions came to us looking for help with material selection for multiple applications in this booth. They knew that they needed to use a fabric solution with their existing extrusion. However, when it came to finishing and their other wide format graphics, they needed our veteran team to step in. Exhibit Solutions was looking for us to be their one stop shop for all their large format needs.

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Our veteran team sat down and decided on the best materials for each individual application. We then had a conversation with Exhibit Solutions to discuss what we believe are the best options for each of their unique needs. After back and forth discussions IAC put together a schedule for our production team to ensure that this job ran through smoothly and effectively all while maintaining our standard for quality.


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In the end IAC was able to produce quality graphics within a short time frame. The materials we decided on fit the applications perfectly and thanks to our veteran team the job went off without a hitch. The client was very impressed with our high-quality fabric prints and the ease of installation that comes along with this product. Overall the experience on both sides was outstanding and we look forward to working with Exhibit Solutions in the future.

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