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ChaTime recently decided it was time for a change when it came to their menu boards. They understand that the selling opportunities with a digital system are much more vast than traditional printed menu boards. IAC was involved in the complete hardware implementation and software configuration within this store front. IAC was not responsible for the creation of the content that populated these menu boards. 


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Chatime came to us looking for a solution to their menu board problem. The wanted the ability to have static and dynamic content running simultaneously beside one another. Chatime also wanted the ability to schedule content to run at specific times of the day. They knew that digital signage was the way to go but they were unsure of the inner workings that it entails.


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Our team here at IAC sat down with Chatime to discuss the best option to solve their problem. We went over all of their needs/wants, which allowed us to truly understand their concerns and ensured that we put together the best course of action to rid these concerns. Chatime left our building confident that the solution that both of our teams agreed on was the best one to solve their menu board problem.


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In the end, we decided as a team to use Samsung commercial screens with a backend software that would allow Chatime to achieve all their goals laid out in the strategy meeting. This system ensures that they can control the screens from an external location and allows them to schedule their content as needed. At the point of installation Chatime took over all responsibility for content implementation, however, IAC is still involved on a maintenance contract.