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Aviva recently moved into their brand-new state of the art building in Markham. Parts of the building are still under slight construction, including a large room located in the lobby. They came to us looking for a way to creatively cover up the space. Here is what we did to help them truly make a statement in their new location.


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Aviva came to us looking for a cost-effective solution to cover up a space that was still under construction. The room in the lobby of the building was encompassed in glass windows, however, the inside was an eye sore of unfinished construction. The CEO of the company was making an appearance at the new building and they really wanted to make a statement.

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// Aviva Markham


Our team went through a few options with Aviva to ensure that they are getting the best option for their money. This was an unplanned expense, so they needed to be presented with a few materials. Our team showcased everything from foam core options to premium window film. Installation time was big factor for Aviva as during the day they have a large amount of foot traffic going through their building. This meant we had to come up with a way to install after hours.

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We eventually decided on a cost-effective window film that would still give them a premium look but not break the bank. We printed the film in exact panels for each window, leaving a half inch bleed all around to ensure that the entire surface was covered once installed. We also scheduled the install with Aviva to take place after hours to guarantee that we did not interrupt the day to day operations. The entire Aviva team was ecstatic and we couldn’t be happier with the way the project unfolded.

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