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When Aviva decided to open an office in Hamilton, Ontario they came to us to help them truly make a statement in their new building. We were involved in all aspects of the design, from privacy vinyl to custom wall graphics, we helped to facilitate all their visual communication needs. Aviva has always been a great partner of ours and we are continuously elevating each others business.

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When Aviva came to us and said that we are looking to retrofit their new building with custom graphics, we were more than happy to help. They were looking for a multitude of custom prints on various materials. Aviva’s wish list included; wall graphics, snap frames, fabric banners, vinyl privacy banners and much more. To facilitate such a large request, our veteran team had to sit down and put together a plan.

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IAC needed to be involved in the overall building process to ensure that the project went off without a delay. As a visual communication specialist, we are accustomed to working alongside contractors and installers. The plan was to have the graphics produced well before the building was ready for any installation. We had a meeting with Aviva to set deadlines for creative delivery to ensure that our production team had ample time to run the graphics through the process. 

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In the end, we came up with a plan to mass produce all the graphics that were specific to each machine. This allowed us to still fulfill our other client’s orders, all while ensuring that the Aviva job was staying on track. Due to the large quantity of prints required to be produced on each machine, this step was necessary. Finally, we coordinated with our team of installers and the contractors onsite to determine an installation schedule that would not only meet our deadlines but ensure that there was no overlap between the two parties.

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