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IAC was only responsible for the fabric prints in this project. Much like the Samsung event, this job was produced for a company called the Taylor Group. They were responsible for the booth design and construction. As one of their partners IAC was proud to be part of such an amazing tradeshow booth for a great client.

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As they often do, the Taylor Group came to us with a very large-scale project that needed to be produced at the highest of quality. As you can see from the photos, a lot of the booth is very custom, utilizing displays of products as well as structural designs that may affect the overall printing process. This project also had very tight turnaround times which meant that we would need to come up with a plan for our production schedule.

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Due to the significance of this project, all our production managers decided that they had to be involved to ensure that the overall process went smoothly. From beginning to end, the idea was to have them check in periodically to make sure that the quality is up to IAC standards and that none of the prints have any issues. This would ensure that the timelines set in place are met and the customer is satisfied.

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In the end, our customer service and production managers inspected each of the fabric prints together and saw the project through from start to finish. Our production team was able to create a schedule that would ensure this project and any other ongoing jobs were produced in the timeline that was set out from the beginning. The project went off without a hitch and the customer was beyond thrilled about the quality and look of the overall booth.

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