5 Metre Fabric Printing

5 Metre Fabric Printer Machine


The visual communications industry is constantly seeing new innovations pop up all over North America. In order to set ourselves apart from our competition, IAC has become the first in Canada to add a five metre dye sublimation fabric printer to our arsenal of large format machines. We now have the ability to facilitate all of your graphic needs up to sixteen feet wide seamlessly

Foldable Fabric Icon

Foldable Backlits

Decreased Shipping Costs

Decreased Storage Space

Superior Image Quality


Seamless Graphics

16ft Wide Graphics

Decreased Lead Times

Increased Durability


Green Printing

PVC Free Fabric

Water Based Ink

Recyclable Materials



Increased Speed

Decreased Lead Times

Simple Production Process





IAC is incredibly excited to add 16ft wide fabric printing to our list of capabilities. Connor McDonald, our Marketing Coordinator, is here to give you a quick over view of our new machine and what this means for IAC. We truly want to help you Go Big and Make A Statement!



16ft Wide Fabric Graphic Example Image

GO BIG | 16ft Wide Graphics

In order to stay ahead of our competition IAC constantly looks to innovate every part of our business. With the addition of our new dye sublimation setup we have become the sole print provider in Canada for 16ft wide fabric. Your ideas are no longer held back due to the size limitations of your print supplier. We truly want to help you Make A Statement and Go Big!

What Does This Mean For You?

  • Over Sized Prints Up To 16ft
  • Seamless Fabric Graphics
  • Limitless Project Capabilities
  • All In One Print Supplier

Aviva Fabric Wrap

All In One

Gone are the days of limiting your project based on your print supplier. With the addition of a five metre fabric printer IAC can now bring your full imagination to life. We still offer our high quality graphics in 10ft capabilities, but can now facilitate your entire project under one roof with our added capabilities.

 What Does This Mean For You?

  • No More Sourcing of Multiple Suppliers
  • No Limitations On Project Size
  • Continued Confidence In Your Print Provider
  • Same Great Quality You Know And Love

5 Metre Transfer Photo

Two Step Process

In order to facilitate all of your visual communication needs IAC has also purchased a five metre transfer. This combination of machinery will allow us to continue providing our clients with the highest quality graphics all while decreasing our lead times. We are now the only company in Canada to offer 16ft wide fabric capabilities to our clients.

 What does this mean for you?

  • Decreased Lead Times
  • Extended Capabilities
  • Exciting New Fabric Options
  • Same High Quality Graphics

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