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IAC is always proud to be part of the Toronto Auto show. We are responsible for all of the print that you see in the photos on this page. We are proud to partner with the Taylor Group to make their clients dreams become a reality. The auto show is always a huge task for any of the companies involved. Here is how we made it happen!


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The Taylor Group oversees many booths that are on showcase at the auto show. They are responsible for the design and creation of more than fifty percent of this show. This means that they come to us with some large requests. Although the planning process starts months in advance the projects always come down to crunch time. We need to help ensure that all of their clients are satisfied with the product they are receiving

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The biggest concern for this project is the overall production time. Our team sits down with the Taylor Group to discuss an overall production schedule. Once this is in place they will send us creatives for printing. There are also always special requests from their clients that we need to help facilitate. For example, in the Volkswagen image, there was no printing involved in the fabric back walls. However, we needed to ensure all the fabric we provided came from the same batch so that there was no slight colour difference between walls. This is a big factor in the overall strategy for this project.


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Like many other large-scale projects, our team inspected each of the prints that ran through our machines for quality. We ensured that all timelines were met by creating a production schedule that would not impact any other jobs that were coming in from our clients. We were in constant contact with the Taylor Group, and some of their project managers came by our production facility to be part of the printing process. Finally, we contacted our material suppliers to ensure that they had enough stock to meet our needs as well as facilitate any custom requests (such as the Volkswagen back walls).

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