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IAC was proud to announce that in April of 2017 we hit a huge milestone. We have now been in business for over a decade. In July, we decided to have a huge celebration to give thanks to our amazing clients as well as showcase all our visual communication capabilities. We wanted to allow our guests to have fun while at the same time introduce them to an array of products. The event had a sports theme behind it which was well received by our customers as they got to let loose.


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IAC has seen tremendous growth over the last ten years. With this growth has come a wide array of product offerings. In our quest to become your one-stop-shop for everything visual communications, we have expanded these offerings tremendously. The challenge for this event was showcasing everything in a functional way. We really wanted to create scenarios that would allow our clients to step into a space and get their creative minds going. Our slogan is GO BIG and with this event we truly wanted to emulate that in everything we did.

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// 10 Year Anniversary 


Our creative team decided to choose a sports theme for this event. This would allow us to create immersive scenarios that showcased all our products. The event layout process was something that our team discussed for weeks. Due to the sheer size of the scenarios we were creating, every inch of our facility had to be accounted for. We were looking to wow our clients and the only way to do that was to come up with a plan that stepped outside the norm. From the beginning, we established that we were not holding back. It was a necessity to go all in on this event. 

// 10 Year Anniversary 


In the end, we decided on five scenarios to showcase our amazing products. We had a full-size half court for basketball, a soccer field, ping pong arena, bar patio and a custom tradeshow booth. Everything you see in the images was produced at IAC excluding the inflatable soccer dart board (that was just for fun). Our clients loved the whole event and many said they left with a host of new ideas. We want to thank our amazing customers for our success, without them we would not be where we are today. 

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